Important Issues

Food and Nutrition

  • Instilling good eating habits from children at a young age is easier than correcting them later in life
  • Getting children involved and excited about food through school gardening

I propose creating programs for young children to help them make healthy food choices

 Physical Health/Fitness

  • Children who are physically active are better learners, less likely to be a disturbance during class and have a healthier self image
  • La Sierra High school in the 1960’s created a specialized program which had phenomenal results–

I am most excited about the possibility at creating a first class physical fitness program within the division.  We don’t have great weather all year but I believe it is possible to achieve great things if we truly want them.

Financial Management

  • Canadian household debt has been rising constantly and households that are living paycheck to paycheck are on the rise

Teaching children from a young age a healthy understanding about money and how to prioritize their spending

Dangers of Pornography

  • Research is telling us that porn can be addictive and that it negatively affects the viewers mentally, emotionally, and socially.
  • The State of Utah declared Pornography a Public Health Crisis in 2016

Teenagers need to be taught what healthy sexual relationships look like