Welcome to my website.

As the father to 3 young children I’d like to ensure that they receive the highest quality of education our school system can provide.  I can also appreciate that many important educational lessons will also occur in a families home.  The current incumbents are in a later stage of their lives and their children have been out of the school system for many years.  I represent a younger demographic in the area and will empathize the struggles young families will face.

One issue I find perplexing in the current age of social media is the lack of engagement our trustees have with their community.  I’m not a lifelong resident of the area and my social circles are not as large but it would be nice to see some sort of outreach to the broader community other than quarterly leaflets.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and I encourage you to go out and vote whether it is for myself or another candidate.

***If elected I would use my annual indemnity of $16,000 to purchase items such as books, sports equipment, etc… for schools throughout the Kirkfield-St.Charles Ward***

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